1200 square meters human hair felt, of which 456 pieces 80x120cm and 327 pieces 160x120cm numbered, one square meter being produced out of approximately 200 people, which makes a total of approximately 240 000 people.


The price per square meter is 200 euros.




Producer/Artist: Zoran Todorovic

Decoration: DECORCREW (Dejan Janicic, Miroslav Vucinic, Zoran Marinkovic)

Camera: Milan Stosic, Milica Ruzicic, Jelena Radic

Editing: Pera Savic, Milan Popovic, Aleksandar Vasiljevic

Foto: Zoran Todorovic, Milica Ruzicic, Milan Stosic, Jelena Radic, Mirjana Stojadinovic

Realized in 2009.

Zoran Todorovic: Warmth/Toplina


The Serbian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennial Catalogue

Warmth of a National Thing


Text: Branislav Dimitrijevic

53rd Venice Biennial


Warmth installation view, Serbian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennial.



Applications, contributions and interventions of audience and customers.


Marko Brecelj





Aleksandra Lalic – hair_dress





Alix Bizet & Aleksandra Lalic & Zoran Todorovic  Рhair_dress




Developing her own project of identity mapping of the different ethnical communities in London, the artist Alix Bizet came to a manual process of human hair felting, which served to produce the material for the jacket destined to the artist Zoran Todorovic, while on the other side, the fashion artist Aleksandra Lalic, in accord with Zoran Todorovic, is making a dress for Alix out of the industrially manufactured human hair felt from Todorovic’s Warmth project.