Lorem Ipsum Portraits


“Lorem ipsum portraits” is a series of portraits, growing in search of persons whose destinies have been changed through any sort of  bio-medical intervention. Whatever the reason that caused such intervention, those are presently shaping interpersonal relations in a completely new and not yet sufficiently symbolized ways, changing the known roles such as parent, lover, spouse etc.


“Lorem ipsum portraits” presents itself as a two-parts installation: the portrait of the person, made through morphing of several video snapshots on one side, and a short video document about the making of the portrait, giving basic information about the portrayed person on the other.

Portrait 01 M.B.


“Portrait M.B.” is a portrait of the detainee M.B. serving long jail sentence for murdering a man who has, several years earlier, donated his kidney to M.B.’s daughter.  Here the medical intervention, besides its primary goal, has as a byproduct created a new, quadrilateral family, that set the scene for this murder.