Illegal people project



In a refugee center in Belgrade where refugees from Near East and Africa reside/dwell and through which they were passing, the urine was collected on the basis of which a domestic beer was made according to a popular Belgium recipe. The beer is intended for export to the first-world countries and for consummation by the audience and the author as a part of the lecture performance accompanied by a video document which testifies about the process of making the beer, from the refugee toilet to the final packing of the finished product.

Biopolitical Modalities in the Artistic Productions of Zoran Todorović


Text: Miško Šuvaković

Art and its Machines of Pain/Laughter
Or of Horror/Enjoyment
AAA: Arbitrariness, Alienation, Absorption

Text: Misko Suvakovic

An Undisilled Critque


Text: Zoran Gajić